Pizza Making with the buds

A a week without pizza is, quite frankly, a week wasted. This past week the treat was the chief chefs Wyatt and daughter Adanna, pizza pieing away in my kitchen, “using up” the last 6 doughs of a batch. 

In the coming weeks I’m going to start telling the story of my quest to start a pizza production business. It’s not all tasting and creating. It’s numbers, dreams, dashed hopes (namely cause the numbers don’t allow one to make quite the living one needs to). But, I’ve not given up hope. It may come to pass one day! 

More Coffee – Press Pot techniques from


For those of you who are “in” to coffee and like to check out some of the cupping/brewing/tasting techniques, check out this latest from This is one of my favourite coffee websites (maybe not the easiest site to navigate but has lots a wicked content). Mark Prince does awesome reviews, entertaining technique videos and coffee articles that are always very thorough and informative. 

Have fun! 

YouTube – Advanced Press Pot Techniques for Coffee.